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Erfahrung und Kommentare

Ihre Meinung ist und sehr wichtig !

Sagen Sie uns welche Erfahrung haben Sie mit First Limo gemacht?

3 comments on “Erfahrung und Kommentare”

  1. Hallo

    Ich habe heute die Service First Limo erfolgreich reserviert.
    hat super geklappt, ich bin sehr zufrieden, daher ich kann nur weiterempfehlen.

    Gruss Jeffo

  2. Visiting Switzerland Zürich and was looking for a reliable company to offer transportation services a friend introduced me to this company everything was running very smooth very good communication everything was as described over WhatsApp and phone we landed the car was waiting for us and two very nice people helped us load the luggage and took us to the hotel. Which chose the same company to Offer us a day tour around zurich and again everything was very good the car was clean the seats were very comfortable with large space for the legs and each seat was with mineral water for each passenger. Car was clean and I would Recommend very much this company thank you very much

  3. As a retuning customer I would highly recommend this company

    All drivers are professional driver well trained and well organized

    We booked 3 transfers they arrived 5 minutes before waiting for us and was so relaxed never asked for pre payment from us

    Clean cars and water was always offered to us.

    Can’t ask for nothing else when visiting a foreign country.

    T h a n k s.

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